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How to Setup Google Analytics in Jimdo

Inserting Google Analytics into your Jimdo website is an important way for you to understand who is visiting your website, and their visiting pattern (such as which of your webpage is the most popular or unpopular).

Now, inserting your Google Analytics ID code in Jimdo is very easy as described in Jimdo’s help page here.  However, in this tutorial video above we will show you how to set up Google Analytics OUTSIDE of Jimdo in step-by-step details.

We will also show you a very important filtering tip to set up inside Google Analytics so that you do NOT double count yourself or your team’s activities in your Jimdo website.  This is where MOST people get it wrong – so you don’t want it to happen to you.

Allowing Google Analytics to capture your own activities on your own website will defeat the purpose of tracking visitors or greatly skew the statistics from your visitors.

Enjoy the video tutorial above!


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