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We have a lot of free tutorials below for you, but if you sign up for our Free Premium Jimdo Tutorials (sign up form is on the right hand column below), you will get access to cool tips and tricks that will help you customize your website – that are not publicly available.  We will show you how to customize background of text elements, add borders around paragraphs, how to create custom headings, how to re-size photo galleries, and much more.


Jimdo SEO Tip – Website Architecture

In our previous discussion, we discussed the concept of “Long Tail Keywords”. These are basically strategic keywords or keyword phrases that best describe the topics of your Jimdo website.  (Click here if you want a quick review – Anchor Text) Once you have determined your strategic keywords or keyword phrases are, make sure you dedicate one entire webpage […]

Jimdo SEO Tip – Anchor Text

We touched on backlinks in the previous discussion and I hope you have a bit more reading on the internet about them. There is plenty of material online to supplement my experiences. If you wish to have a quick refresher on the topic of backlinks – click here.  If not, let’s get going on today’s discussion. One extremely […]

Jimdo SEO Tip – Backlinks

The topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is heavily discussed and debated on the internet. Go ahead, just type in “SEO” in any search engine and you’ll get libraries of discussions… information overload, in fact. So I’m going to cut straight to the chase. Sorry to say, there are NO short cuts to good optimization. […]

How To Increase Jimdo Website Loading Speed

There are many ways to increase the loading speed of your Jimdo website.  I would like to talk about one of these methods, which is images.  Images make up a large part of any website. If the website has only text, it will be very boring to look at. However, images take time to load, and when there […]

How to Setup / Install Google Search Bar in Jimdo

Inserting a search bar in your website could greatly help visitors find the relevant information quickly.  Google offers a free search bar tool for you to insert into your Jimdo website. Setting it up could initially be confusing but it really isn’t too difficult. Watch the Jimdo Tutorial Video above on step-by-step instructions on how […]

How to Setup Google Analytics in Jimdo

Inserting Google Analytics into your Jimdo website is an important way for you to understand who is visiting your website, and their visiting pattern (such as which of your webpage is the most popular or unpopular). Now, inserting your Google Analytics ID code in Jimdo is very easy as described in Jimdo’s help page here. […]

How to Setup Google Webmaster Tools with Jimdo

Google Webmaster Tools is important for you to monitor your Jimdo website and to know if Google discovers anything wrong when it is indexing / crawling your website, which has direct impact on your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) performance. This is important as if there is something wrong with the way Google reads or […]

How to Setup Facebook Like Button in Jimdo

Inserting Facebook Like Button in your Jimdo website is a very powerful way to promote your website and also spread the news about your website. The more people “Like”, the more credibility you have.  Also, once someone clicks on the “Like” button, all their friends will be informed about your website on Facebook. Jimdo has […]

How to Setup Dropbox with Jimdo and its Benefits

************************************************************** DROPBOX REFERRAL LINK ( – Get 2 GB of FREE online storage space, PLUS another BONUS 500 MB if you use this link ( ************************************************************** Integrating Dropbox with your Jimdo account is a very powerful way to build your website.  It allows you to effortlessly upload files (such as images) into your website, from anywhere around […]

How to Change Favicon in Jimdo

Personalizing the favicon for your website works well to brand your website.  Favicon is the little image that shows up on the tab of your internet browser (you can see what I mean in the video tutorial above). Jimdo allows you to customize the favicon and it is actually very easy to do.  Just do […]

How to Protect Web Pages in Jimdo

Password protecting some pages that you are still working on in Jimdo is a very useful tool.  Not all pages are ready for viewing and if some pages are still under construction or draft, the password protection tool by Jimdo is perfect for this. Jimdo has a tool to allow you to designate which page to […]

How to Setup Photo Gallery in Jimdo

Jimdo Photo Gallery element allows you to insert beautiful image displays on your website.  You can choose from different layout format to suit your design needs. Choose from HTML / Gallery format or Flash format. Watch this Jimdo Video Tutorial above to see how to properly setup a photo gallery for your Jimdo website.   […]

How to Change Jimdo Font Settings and Style

Jimdo allows you to modify and change your font settings and styles so that you can improve your website design.  They have preset options but allow you to make custom changes to font styles, for each heading category – so you can actually have quite a bit of control over them. Watch this Jimdo Tutorial […]

How to Setup and Adjust Jimdo Header Image

All Jimdo templates allow you to insert custom images in the header area of your Jimdo website.  This allows you to style / design your website layout to become more beautiful and attractive. Watch the Jimdo Tutorial Video above to see how to setup your header image for your Jimdo website.  We will show you […]